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Permeable Paver Projects

Permeable paving stones eliminate the pooling of water during rainfall due to their permeability and unique substructure that allows for water to seep naturally back into the watershed where pollutants are dealt with by nature's own methods. These pavers prevent the compounded collection of toxic runoff in urban areas helping to eliminate the disastrous flooding and pollution that accompanies heavy rains. Permeable pavers protect the environment and saves the developer money while enhancing the beauty of any project. Claddagh Paving is an experienced and certified installer of permeable pavers serving General Contractors and homeowners throughout Southern California.

Downey Retail Center

Downey, Ca.

Rios Ave 

Solana Beach, Ca.

High Tech Elementary School

San Marcos, Ca.

Bank of America

Adelanto, Ca.

Oaks Springs Ranch Apts

Wildomar, Ca.

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